High Performance Ultra Hd V3 Satellite Receiver / North America Dedicated Machine / Wi-Fi / 1080P
High Performance Ultra Hd V3 Satellite Receiver / North America Dedicated Machine / Wi-Fi / 1080P

0 interface; Communication port Ethernet 10 / 100MBit; 1080P Hd Multimedia Player w/ Dolby (MKV Xvid Avi X264 Divx MPEG4 H264 Flv etc); MP3 player and picture viewer; Time shift; Wi-Fi ready; Twin tuner ready; Atsc ready; Uhf remote ready; Usb Pvr w/ Ntfs support; External Ntfs Usb Hdd compatible; Video up scaling to 1080P; Built in bracket for wall mountable solution; Ir extender output; Channel auto tune; Pvr timer scheduler; Multi scan support; DVBS2 tuner support; Universal remote; Wi-Fi dongle; Surface interface: Rftin + Rftout + Video + AUDIO(L/R) +Y + Pb + Pr +TV-OUT + RS232 + RJ45 + Spdif + Usb 2.264 video decoder; MPEG4 Asp supported; Jpeg decoding accelerator; Supports 4 Video Vdac can output YPbPr and Cvbs simultaneously; Build-in Hdmi with HDCP; Supports full Hd output; IEC958 S/PDIF digital output; Digital mute control and volume adjustment; Supports dolby down-mixed 2 channel; Supports 2 channel HE-AAC V1; Build-in 2 channel audio DAC; Dual Usb 2.Brand N/A Model V3 Color Black Quantity 1 Specification Full Hd 1080P H.0 + Ir + Usb 2. 264 solution; Embedded dual core high performance 400MHz32bit CPU; 128MB RAM; MPEG-2 video decoder; Avc / H.0 + micro Sd card slot Packing List 1 x Satellite receiver (100~250V / Us plug / 140cm-cable) 1 x Video cable (114cm) 1 x Ir remote extension cable (145cm) 1 x Wi-Fi adapter 1 x Remote control (2 x Aaa batteries not included)

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